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Start them now!

We welcome children of all ages: the sooner, the better. Children can be seen here as soon as they can sit up to have their first visit and introduction to the sights, smells and sounds of a little dental hygiene treatment. 

When dental hygiene visits are productive and fun, kids leave feeling at ease, and they will do much better if ever they need some dental repair work done. Of course, regular dental hygiene visits can do much to prevent that. Preventive treatments like x-rays, fluoride varnishes and sealants are available here.

girl biting flower with missing teethMost kids do terrific in the chair! There is room for everyone in the operatory.

We have no needles, no drills or scary dental smells, just relaxing music in an unrushed atmosphere and a total dedication to making this work for you all. Dental hygiene is not a side-line here, it is our primary offering.

 Some adults and children experience anxiety even at the throught of anything "dental", usually because of past traumatic experiences. If you or your children have any apprehension or anxiety around dental hygiene treatment, let us show you the difference our clinic can make. 

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We take great pride in helping yet another person, little or big, come through what seemed like something scary to achieving success, and confidence in the chair.

Most parents grab a book in reception and relax in the confidence that their child is fine, hereby showing their child that all is well in this normal part of life, and there is nothing to fear from routine dental hygiene services.

If you or your child have had a traumatic dental experience, we are happy to discuss your situation beforehand so we can make the appointment a success. If you like, we will gladlysupply some tips of what has made things easier for others. After all - everyone is dedicated to making things better for you!



Preventive sealants can be placed to seal the occusal grooves in the biting surfaces of teeth to protect them from tooth decay. About 50% of tooth decay is found in occlusal grooves, and this is so easy to prevent!







The first thing people notice about you is your smile!

Ask about our TEEN HEALTHY WHITE SMILE SPECIAL: What better way to teach a teen selfcare than by giving a tooth whitening special which includes a thorough oral health exam, with x-rays if needed, as well as dental hygiene treatment and instructions at the teen’s level on how too keep that smile a strong one?

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Let us teach them how to maintain a confident smile for a life time.